Manufacturing Software Products

1st Manufacturing solution is a full cradle to grave manufacturing solution that is being used by hundreds of customers throughout the UK.

This is 1st Manufacturing's 2008 price list.

The software contains the following modules and functionality.

Quotations / Estimating.
This module allows you to create comprehensive and accurate quotations for your prospects and customers. They can then be printed and posted or sent directly by Email of fax.
Outstanding Quotations can then be managed and, by the press of a key, turned into an Order and update the Order Book.

Sales Order Processing
Orders can be entered against the relevant Customer with the option to enter different Delivery and Invoice addresses.
Multiple Parts may be listed against each Order with different Call-Off Quantity and Dates.
There are comprehensive reporting facilities to review the Order Book.
Delivery Notes & Invoices can be produced when the components are ready for dispatch.

The system has powerful Purchasing facilities to manage Production, Sub-Contract and Consumable Orders. The Items are booked in at Goods Inwards with the option to record Material Traceability details.
There are expediting and reporting facilities to manage the outstanding Orders to ensure they arrive on time.
When the Suppliers invoice arrives it is matched on the system with the outstanding deliveries.

Stock Control
1st Manufacturing has comprehensive Stock Control facilities to record and manage Materials and Components.
There are facilities to report on the Total Stock, Allocated Stock and Free Stock together with valuation reporting at Standard or Actual Costs.

Manufacturing Control
1st manufacturing can hold all information needed for the manufacture of a product, from routes of manufacture to detailed manufacturing instructions for parts, assemblies and sub assemblies. These instructions can be set up times, operation times, and even lead time on sub contract operations. You can store multiple manufacturing instructions against each part to take account of variations.

MRP Material Requirements Planning
MRP in 1st Manufacturing will do a full Supply V Demand and produce Purchase & Works Order suggestions to make the shortfall. The suggestions can then be confirmed and the system will automatically generate Purchase & Works Orders.
MRP will, optionally, take account of Min / Max levels and EBQ economic batch quantities and make the suggestions accordingly.
MRP will ensure that you are never short of supply.

Scheduling in 1st manufacturing will schedule all outstanding Works Order Operations, producing Work-To Lists, Graphical Planning Boards, and Capacity Loading information.
It will highlight Jobs that are at risk of missing delivery / promise dates so that the user can then take the appropriate action to pull it back on schedule.
The system allows capacity overrides against individual work centres, globally or on a daily basis. Full visibility of the works orders and their current states are available, together with full drill down facilities to see what is happening.
There is a Delivery Date Enquiry facility which will produce the earliest delivery date that can be promised to a customer without upsetting existing promises.

Job Costing
Actual Job Costing will give you an accurate picture of exactly how much it has cost each item to manufacture. It takes into account The Labour Ttime spent in manufacture as well as Actual Material Costs and Sub-Contract Costs.
There is comprehensive Margin Analysis Reporting to highlight the most profitable Jobs (and least profitable!) with drill down facilities to interrogate further.

Time Recording
Time recording is very important to gain an accurate picture of what is done when producing an item. This can either be done using manual time sheets or Real Time Shop Floor Data Capture facilities. Using SFDC terminals will give you Actual Costs to Date so that you can see whether the Job is on budget.

Tooling & Gauge Control
Tooling and gauging allows users to get full visibility of their tools as well as costs associated with them. You can also monitor the calibration of tools where required and set up time or use intervals between calibrations. Tools can also be allocated to a rote of manufacture so

Rough Cut Capacity Planning
This allows a total hours figure to be stored against each part that is a total of all work required to produce this part, This process ignores lead time for components and materials. Several reports are available for use and analysis of this data.

Drawing Register
The drawing register allows the storage and change control of drawing issues. When a drawing is up issued it gives full visibility of the impact this will have on production of a part.

Bar coding / Labelling
Extensive use of bar-coding and labelling can give significant speed advantages and traceability in production. 1st Manufacturing can enter barcodes onto most documents it produces as well as produce standard labels for use on material batches as well as parts and components.