Tooling & Gauging Control                                                                                             (Back)


This module can be used in either stand-alone format or in conjunction with other 1st Manufacturing modules.

The main features provided by the module are to control the status of all your Tools & Gauges, when they were last calibrated and which are now due for calibration.

Probably the major cost benefit provided over manual and other forms of control is in reducing the number of items requiring calibration by tracking how many days of Shop Floor use they have had,  whilst time held within the Tooling & Gauging Department can be treated as not counting towards their service days between calibrations - this can considerably reduce the volume of items requiring calibration.

Summary Specification:

    Information recorded on all Items:          

              Tooling Location

              Tooling Colour

              Issue History

              Calibration History

              Tool No / Serial No                     Description

              Tool Type / Group                       Calibration Method

              Tool Size                                       Tolerance

              Ext. Calibration Lab. (if relevant)

              Calibration Interval in Days and/or Issues

                                                                       and/or Days of Issue

              Purchase Details:          Supplier             Cost

                                                        Date                    Purchase Doc.Ref.

    Reports & Enquiries Available:

              Items due to be Calibrated                      Inspectors

              Tool List                                                       Employees

              Calibration Records                                  Calibration Instrs

              Tool Locations                                             Calibration Labs

              Tool Suppliers                                             Calib’n Results

              Detailed Individual Tool Sheet              Tool Types

              Out of Service Items                                Tool Conditions

              Issued Items                                                Tool Colours

                        (showing Job & Employee)