Manufacturing Solutions

With a solution developed over the last fifteen years 1st Manufacturing can offer a truly flexible package, we have hundreds of customers in the following sectors.

Traceability is key in Aerospace and this is just the kind of functionality that you get from 1st manufacturing. With high levels of mandatory traceability that goes back to the raw material, it offers all the functionality that the likes of Rolls Royce and Airbus require from their suppliers, This functionality is linked directly to the quality aspects of the system. Linked to this you also have certificates of conformity from and to sub contractors, suppliers and customers. 1st Manufacturing also has an automated sales order book from Rolls Royce, Airbus, Patton air and GKN. Combine this with powerful MRP routines for accurate control of producing assemblies and their components and 1st manufacturing is ideal.

Quality aspects and traceability also play a key part in the automotive industry, linking this to aspects such as the drawing register makes life much easier for manufacturers to work. The ability to have customers own part numbers also makes things easier.

Electronics manufacturers find the ability to have min / max stock levels ideal. 1st Manufacturing also allows large bills of materials as well as extra information to be stored against these such as circuit references. As well as having a comprehensive automated BOM management containing component coordinate management.

Food and Drink
The limited shelf life of some food products makes the ability to run daily MRP ideal for the food and drink industry, combine this with advanced scheduling for production runs and packaging options as well as rapid turnaround on process manufacturing and 1st Manufacturing becomes ideal for this industry.

Unique control of raw material handling such as sheet, bar, coil, tube etc. flexible project costing and Parts and assemblies utilising many different material specifications becomes easy with 1st Manufacturing.

Oil and Gas
Extensive use of the large bills of material give some of our Oil and Gas suppliers all the flexibility they need when assembling their products.
Combine this with the materials traceability and quality aspects and 1st Manufacturing becomes the number one choice.