1st Manufacturing Training

The following is a typical training program for 1st manufacturing's new customers, it gives an idea what sections of the system are covered and how long it normally takes


Length of Training Manufacturing
4hrs Bill of Materials
4hrs Manufacturing Instructions
4hrs Estimating
2hrs Sales Orders
6hrs MRP & Scheduling
2hrs Generating Works Orders & Enquiries
3hrs Purchasing
1hr Release Notes (Purchase)
1hr Purchase Receipts (Goods In)
1hr Stock - Issue of Material/Proprietary Parts
1hr Works Order Completion
1hr Release Notes (Sales)
3hrs Data Capture
1hr Drg Control
1hr Tooling & Gauging
2hrs Reports (Scan & Adherance)
1hr System Access Controls
2hrs Sales Orders
1hr Sales Invoices
1hr Purchasing/Purchase Invoice Matching
2hrs Cost of Sales
2hrs Works Order Analysis
1hr Manual Cost/ Time Entries
3hrs Reports
1hr Credits/Debits
1hr Employee Register
1hr Exporting of data to Sage etc.
2hrs Stocktaking/Stock
1hr Customer/Supplier Maintenance
2hrs Time & Attendance
1hr WIP Costs
2hrs Rejects/ Non-Conformance
1hr F.A.I.R.
1hr Concessions/ Prod Permits
1hr Calibration Control
1hr Supplier Monitoring
1hr Customer Monitoring
1hr Drg Control