Shop Floor Data Capture and Time Recording                                                             (Back)


Whilst this 1st Manufacturing module can be used in stand-alone form for Employee Attendance it really becomes of most benefit when used in conjunction with 1st Manufacturing Works Orders for Job Costing and for the monitoring of Job Progress ( Operation by Operation ).

Each Employee is provided with a Bar Coded Employee Card and every Works Order has a Bar Coded Route Card:

These Bar Codes are read by our Shop Floor Data Capture Terminals ( that utilise a standard on-line P.C. coupled with a Touch Screen Monitor and Laser Bar Code Scanner) to ensure information can be quickly and easily captured. No keyboard or ‘mouse’ use is required.

 This combination of equipment and 1st Manufacturing Shop Floor Data Capture software enables easy use by the Employees to:

From the Company’s point of view the major benefits of a Real-Time Shop Floor Data Capture system are:

The Time Swiping Process is a simple 1, 2, 3 operation…..


    Log ONTO a Job / Operation               Log OFF a Job / Operation



           Swipe the Employee’s Card                       Swipe the Employee’s Card       



Text Box: Press the  ‘Log Off ‘  Button for the Job / Operation

                Swipe the Route Card                                                              



     Press the  ‘Operation No’  to be worked on               Enter the  ‘Quantity’  Produced

 1st Manufacturing’s shop floor data capture also allows the following activities to be performed.

Summary timesheet gives a view of all time spent against a works order

Drawing image gives the operator a view of the drawing for the works order they are working on.

Manufacturing instructions allows them to view the manufacturing instructions for the job they are currently log onto.

Special instructions give other information specific to the job that are working on.

Tooling shows the tools that are allocated to this particular job

Inspection instructions show the inspection checks that need to be carried out on this job.

These screens are specifically designed to be used in a manufacturing environment and can even be operated with gloves.