Job Costing and Machine Utilisation                                                                    (Back)

The ‘Holy Grail’ - what most companies require but rarely achieve.

Most companies are aware of whether they made a Profit or Loss for any particular month but often do not know how profitable individual Jobs were or how profitable individual Customers are compared one with another.


Often companies Quote work and monitor Income on a global Rate per Hour achieved per Man Hour - but this must be recognised as a potentially dangerous practice where an unskilled Labourer with a file doing some Bench work is valued on the same basis as a sophisticated CNC machine costing £100,000 being run by a very skilled Machinist.





1st Manufacturing enables a variety of easy to capture information to be organised automatically into a variety of analysies that will shed much light on the detail both by Job, Part, Customer and Resource.

Information can be captured in a variety of ways:



Job Costing Enquiries and Reports can then produced by Job, Part Number (showing ‘Batch Cost to Make’ History), Customer and Accounting Month.

Job Costing and Time comparisons between original Quotation, Manufacturing Instruction Plan and Actuals are also available.

In addition, all Time Costed data is also captured against each Resource so that a picture can be built up of the relative earning capacity (and profitability) of individual machines along with their actual earning Hours. Information which, after a few months, could then be used to adjust the Available Hours Percentage for individual Machines and Processes on the Resource File which in turn help make Scheduling more accurate.