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The sales order book makes it easy to keep track of all your sales. It caters for simple, complex and stage payment orders as well as being able to deal with multiple call off's. It also covers Contract Review of agreed Batch Prices (with link to original Quotation) and Multi-Currency capabilities.

Orders are entered against the relevant Customer and their quoted Order Number with the option of specifying different Delivery and Invoice Addresses if necessary. Multiple Parts may be listed against the one Customer Order Number and then any number of Call-Off Quantities and Dates can be entered for each Part. Where your Customers frequently change their call-off requirements they can quickly and easily be updated and if appropriate we can also ‘tailor’ for automatic updating of your Sales Order Book via data provided by your Customer through Internet, E-mail, E.D.I., Floppy Disk or any other format.


Where appropriate the system caters for various EDI interfaces supporting companies such as Rolls Royce, Bombardier, Airbus, Patton Air, GKN, Aircelle and many others.

Prices are automatically allocated against each call-off Quantity via the Contract Reviewed Batch Prices locked into each Order which are entered (either manually or via direct link from the Quotation) when the Order is first originated.

If the full 1st Manufacturing system is being used then each call-off is allocated to a Works Order which is then used for Shop Floor Scheduling and Production Planning. For any one Part, one or more Call-Off Quantity(s) from one or more Customer Order(s) can be planned into one or more Works Order - thereby allowing you the flexibility, and economy, of manufacturing (for example) one Batch covering 3 months requirement made-up of 13 weekly call-offs.

Full enquiry and reporting facilities are provided which cover, for example:

                                                                         All available by:

- Orders due by Month                           }  - All Dates or Range of Dates

- Orders due by Customer                      }  - All Customers or Selected Customers

- Orders due by Month by Customer   }  - All Parts or Selected Parts

- Orders by Part Number                        }  - Detailed or Summary

- Order Call-Offs not yet covered by Works Orders (highlighting when W/O should be started)

- Material Requirements Planning ( M.R.P.) option see separate M.R.P. Specification Sheet


Allocation of Delivery Quantities against Scheduled Call-Offs then generates Delivery Notes and Sales Invoices with the Sales Invoice data capable of being exported into a data file suitable for updating most Accounting Systems (e.g. Sage, Exchequer, Pegasus etc.).