How it Works

1st Manufacturing's solution can handle anything from a single user to many hundreds of concurrent users.

It can be deployed either at the customer site using equipment owned by the customer or supplied by us, or be deployed as a fully hosted service utilising citrix on our servers. see what each option entails below.

Once you choose 1st Manufacturings solution you just need to decide how many users you need and you can work out the monthly rental cost of the solution, there are no upfront capital cost to pay on the software so it makes budgeting very easy and accurate. You simply set up a standing order with us.

Then decide upon your training requirements, how many people do you want trained and what areas you want them trained in remember you can always take more training later. The cost of training will be the only upfront cost involved.

Then decide how you want to run the system

Deployed on site

Using this method the solution is installed on the customers site on their own equipment This can either be done by the user themselves or remotely by us. (We also have an option for us to install solution on site), we can also supply the equipment for this scenario as well utilising our partners of Dell, Hewlet packard or Fujitsu Siemans depending upon specification and customer preference. In this scenario the customer is fully responsible for the system and data and 1st manufacturing only provide support and training on the software. We can however also support hardware if required. This means you would be responsible for making sure backups of the system were completed as well as making sure upgrades are applied to system when required. (1st Manufacturing provided automated routines for these but backups rely upon the customer changing tapes or drives when needed.)

Deployed as hosted system

Using this method all the software and service are provided by 1st manufacturing, only a computer with an internet connection is required and the machine specification can be much lower than would normally be required as all the processing work is done by our servers. This method puts all the running of the data and solution on 1st manufacturing, this includes backups as well as updates to the system. This method of deployment attracts a slight premium (£30 per user) over the first method but takes away the problems associated with having servers running and backups performed, it also gives you access to you manufacturing system from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Finally decide what type of database you require, you have 2 options.

What types of company use our solution?
1st manufacturing is aimed at the SME marketplace who have a need for a process manufacturing system that gives them the ability to deliver a quality service to their customers whilst keeping a tight rein on costs. It is aimed at companies who may need a single user system through to very large organisations, take a look at our case studies to find out more.

Interested in finding out more? Take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us for more information.